Information About Our Program

▼ How does the program work?
Engineering Outreach delivers courses offered by various academic departments completely online. For more information about EO, visit How EO Works.
▼ Can I see what the online lectures look like before enrolling?
Yes! Visit the Demo a Course Session page to see what the course sessions look like.
▼ Is the program accredited?
The graduate programs are supported by the accredited undergraduate programs. For information about accreditation, visit About EO.
▼ What kind of students take EO-delivered courses?
We have a wide demographic of students enrolled in EO-delivered courses. For more information, visit About EO.
▼ Can I view a course catalog?
We create a course catalog for mailing purposes three times a year for the spring, summer and fall semesters. You can view the catalog online by visiting View a Catalog, or you can request a print catalog be mailed to your address.


▼ How do I get an adviser?
Academic departments do all advising for EO students. After you have received your admission letter, call the EO toll-free number,800-824-2889, and we will transfer you to the academic department so they can assign you an adviser.
▼ Can certificate course credits be transferred into a graduate program?
Conditionally, yes. With graduate committee/departmental approval, up to 12 approved credits may be applied toward a graduate degree at the University of Idaho. Students may also be charged additional part-time graduate fees when the past credits are included in their study plans. Contact your certificate coordinator and your academic adviser so they may assist you with the transfer of credits.
▼ How quickly can I complete a graduate degree program?
Graduate students may take up to 16 credits per semester. The length of time needed to complete a degree depends on how often the academic department offers each required and elective course through Engineering Outreach and the availability of your personal schedule. Most EO students complete their master's degrees within 35 years. Refer to the historical offerings for a record of courses that have been offered, and contact the department for advising about courses planned for the future.
▼ How long do I have to complete a graduate degree program?
Each academic department sets its own guidelines for program completion. Students work with their academic advisers to prepare a study plan that allows them to complete their courses within the department's time limits.
▼ Do I ever have to come to campus to complete my degree?
You will need to determine with your academic adviser if you are required to come to campus. Most departments recommend you come to campus to take a comprehensive exam or present a thesis after you have finished all of your coursework. Usually one day on campus is sufficient.


▼ What if I choose to not take a course for one or more semesters?
Annual enrollment is required for all degree-seeking graduate students. Annual enrollment is defined as registering for at least one credit at the 300 level or higher every 12 months (summer, fall or spring semester). For more information, contact the College of Graduate Studies or your academic department.

If you intend to enroll in courses after a break of more than two years, you need to be re-admitted by the admissions office one month prior to the semester in which you intend to register. It is recommended that you contact your academic adviser to inform them of your situation, but it is not necessary to notify Engineering Outreach.
▼ Will I have to pay out-of-state tuition?
Nonresident fees are not included in the fees charged for EO-delivered courses. Courses produced and delivered through Engineering Outreach do carry a per credit production fee. Non-residents pay the same amount as Idaho residents for EO-delivered courses.

All credits and courses not delivered by EO include a per credit non-resident fee for students who are not Idaho residents during the spring and fall semesters. Nonresident fees are not added during the summer semester.

For more information about costs, visit Tuition and Fees.
▼ Can I audit an Engineering Outreach delivered course?
Yes. Auditing students receive access to online course materials and handouts, but they are not expected to have any interaction with the course instructor or complete homework or exams. Auditing students pay the same fees as those who are taking the course for credit. Once you register for the course, you will be able to change to audit. For instructions, see Course Status Changes.
▼ Who are the other students in my class?
Class rosters, with the names and email addresses for your EO classmates, are available only if the instructor chooses to release this list. If it is made available, it will be under the Student List icon in the EO Portal once the semester begins and will be viewable for all EO students enrolled in a course. If you have concerns regarding confidentiality, contact the Office of the Registrar.
▼ Do I have to use the University's VandalMail email system?
Yes, it is required for all students. Engineering Outreach sends all communications to students' VandalMail addresses, including registration confirmation and notifications of exam shipment and receipt. See EO's University of Idaho Account page.
▼ I need to change my address (or other contact information). How do I do this?
After registering, you will receive an information review email from us. Please review your contact information and notify us if changes are needed by completing a Student Update Form. After the semester begins, your contact information will be viewable from the Portal under the "Your Information" icon. If your mailing address changes during the semester, complete a Student Update Form to let us know. When grades are posted the end of the semester, we will return all original graded materials by USPS First Class mail to the mailing address you've provided.
▼ Do EO students have access to the University of Idaho library?
Yes. Access to the library's subscription databases is available at no charge. For more information, visit Textbooks and Software.
▼ Can I opt out of the University's ENS (Emergency Notification System)?
Yes. You can choose to opt out of receiving further notifications regarding the Moscow campus or other branch locations. If you would prefer not to receive any ENS announcements, log in to VandalWeb and make changes under the Emergency Notification System folder.

Course Delivery

▼ How do I know if the technology I am using is capable of playing EO sessions?
There are multiple viewing options for playback of sessions. You can visit Demo a Course Session before registering to see if your system is capable of playing back our online session.
▼ Why are the sessions for some of my EO courses in high definition but others are not?
We began our transition to high definition course delivery in the fall 2014 semester. All courses recorded during the fall 2014 semester or after will be in high definition, and all courses recorded during the summer 2014 semester or before will be in standard definition. You can find out which semester your course was produced in by viewing the course description on our website.
▼ Will it take longer to download EO course sessions that are recorded in high definition?
No. While our new digital cameras make more detailed images, these images are also much cleaner and free of imperfections and unwanted artifacts than the images from our analog cameras. These exceptionally clean images compress neatly into smaller file sizes. This results in less internet bandwidth, and less time, required to download course sessions.
▼ When will I be able to view my course sessions?
When the semester begins on campus, you will be able to log in to the EO Portal to view course sessions and course materials. Access to course sessions and exams will be removed after the tenth day of fall and spring semesters or the third day of summer semesters unless full payment has been received or payments are current on a payment plan. Refer to the EO Calendar to view semester dates and deadlines. There are two different types of courses through EO; visit EO Portal and Viewing Information to understand the differences.
▼ Can I share my course sessions with other people?
Course media are for Engineering Outreach student use only. Media content is time sensitive and valid for the semester offered. Students may keep course media for personal reference at the end of the semester, but they may not be sold or distributed, and reproduction is prohibited under copyright law without written permission from Engineering Outreach.
▼ Can I get a copy of the course syllabus before registering?
Links to the course syllabus, or a course website containing a syllabus, are posted for most courses before the semester begins. Visit our course listings, select your course and look for a link to the course website or syllabus. You may also contact the instructor to ask for a copy of a past syllabus. Make sure to review the new syllabus at the start of the semester; the syllabus from a previous semester will most likely change.
▼ Are textbooks included in my tuition and how do I order textbooks for my course?
Textbooks are not included in your tuition and fees. Textbook information and online ordering services are available through the VandalStore. Visit Textbooks for more information.
▼ What is BbLearn and how do I know if my instructor is using it?
BbLearn is the University of Idaho's online course management system used to help provide supplemental course material to students. If your course has a BbLearn component, it will be listed on the course syllabus, course website or course description. If you are still unsure, contact the instructor directly. Read about supplemental course websites by visitingEO Portal and Viewing Information.

Exams and Course Materials

▼ How do I submit course assignments during the semester?
Course assignments should be submitted directly to instructors either by Bblearn, email, or fax. Please contact your instructor regarding their preferred method of submission. It is important when submitting assignments to write dark enough for a printed copy to be legible for grading. If emailing materials to be graded, only send scanned .pdf file formats. Do not send photos of your assignments, instructors are unable to grade these. Visit Homework for more information.
▼ How do I find an examination proctor?
See Finding a Proctor for information about selecting a qualified proctor that meets EO's requirements.  We recommend using a college or business testing center. See EO's United States Proctor Map or EO's International Proctor Map, for links to proctors at testing centers that have been pre-approved by EO. You can also search for a testing center affiliated with the Consortium of College Testing Centers (CCTC) at the NCTA Website.
▼ How do I submit my proctor's information to EO?
EO will send you information about how to submit your proctor's information after you register. If you locate a testing center on one of EO's proctor maps, please contact the center to make sure their proctoring services will work for you. Then you can submit a proctor request form directly from the center's listing on the map, using the "I want to use this proctor" button. If you need to change your proctor mid-semester, contact us at eo-support@uidaho.edu.
▼ When will my exams be sent to my proctor?
Exams are posted in the Portal for your proctor after the instructor gives the exam(s) to EO. You and your proctor will receive an email when the exams are available. EO will only email your VandalMail account. Your proctor’s email will also include specific exam directions and return instructions with the exams.
▼ Are there specific deadlines for taking my exams?
Exam deadlines are set by the instructor. You should refer to the course syllabus, course website or contact your instructor for specific deadlines. Without exception, all exams must be received to the EO office by the course completion date listed in the EO Calendar.
▼ Will I receive my graded materials back to review?
Homework and exams will be returned in a variety of ways, depending on the course. If the instructor returns homework and exams to our office, we will scan and post the graded work under the Graded Materials icon in the EO Portal. EO will send an email notification to your VandalMail account when each item is posted. At the end of the semester, EO will mail all graded work we've received to you.