Drops, Adds and Course Status Changes

Instructions for the following processes, including the downloadable forms required for some actions, are listed on the registrar's website:
  • dropping a single course (without a grade of 'W')
  • withdrawing from a single course (with a grade of 'W')
  • withdrawing to audit (with a grade of 'WA')
  • adding a course after the start of the semester
  • requesting course status changes (e.g. changing from credit to audit, audit to credit, or pass/fail grading).
Deadlines are listed on the EO Calendar and on the registrar's website.

Scan and email forms to EO that require instructor or adviser signatures. We will obtain signatures and deliver the forms to the registrar's office for you.

See the definitions for status changes in the University of Idaho General Catalog > General Requirements and Academic Procedures.