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Submitting Homework

Submit homework assignments directly to your instructor. When completing homework, use black ink or dark pencil, so your answers are legible for grading. Homework must be submitted as a PDF file. Refer to the course syllabus or course website, found under the Course Links icon in the EO Portal, for assignments and deadlines throughout the semester.

All assignments must include:
  • Your full registered name
  • Instructor's name
  • Course number and assignment number
EO does not track homework assignments. If you have questions regarding the delivery of homework or projects or about your grades, contact your instructor directly.

Graded Homework

All graded homework received by EO from instructors will be posted as a PDF file under the Graded Materials icon in the portal. We will notify you when graded homework is posted. Some instructors may return graded materials directly to you, those will not be posted in the portal.

All original graded materials received by EO will be returned to you after grades have been posted for the semester. Remember to update your address using EO's Student Update form, if needed.