Proctor Selection and Approval

You are responsible for reviewing our proctoring requirements, contacting a qualified person who is willing to administer your course exams, and submitting information about your examination proctor to us.

An independent, non-biased proctor protects you from allegations of academic dishonesty. Your proctor may not be a personal friend, a family member, a work subordinate or a University of Idaho student.

Step 1: After you register, EO will send a proctor selection form and information to you via your VandalMail address.

Step 2: Review the proctor selection information below, then contact a qualified person to discuss his or her ability to proctor your exams.

Step 3:
Submit the Proctor Information form provided by EO by the first day of the semester. Exams will not be distributed until we receive the form and approve your proctor. Allow two business days for us to process your information and approve your proctor before scheduling your first exam. We will contact you only if your proctor has not been approved.

Step 4:
Watch your VandalMail address for notifications regarding exam distribution and instructions.

Step 5:
Contact your proctor to arrange examination times when you are ready to take your exams.

▼ Selecting a Proctor for Approval
You are responsible for selecting a qualified proctor and submitting the required electronic form to our office.

EO will hold exams until a suitable proctor is identified and approved. If you are taking an EO-delivered course for the first time, we will also hold your exams until we receive your academic integrity certificate. Allow two business days for the approval process and exam distribution to occur.

We reserve the right to require you to select a new proctor at any time. When requested by your instructor, or when a proctor is deemed to be unsuitable, the new proctor may need to be located at an approved testing center or may need to meet additional qualifications or requirements. In all cases, you are responsible for paying any testing or proctoring fees. 

All proctors must be able to read, understand and speak English.

Proctors for students living inside the United States: 
See EO's United States Proctor Map for proctors who have been pre-approved by EO.

Students living inside the United States must choose a proctor from one of the following categories:
  • University of Idaho faculty/staff
  • Permanent faculty/staff at an educational institution
  • Testing center staff
  • Training or educational coordinators at your place of employment
  • Human resources personnel at your place of employment
  • If you attend classes at another university, we recommend you use the testing center at your home institution
Many states have at least one college or business testing center that is affiliated with the Consortium of College Testing Centers (CCTC). These centers offer proctoring services, are members in good standing of the National College Testing Association (NCTA) and have agreed to follow the NCTA Standards and Guidelines.  You can search for a testing center near you at the NCTA Website.

Review the proctoring responsibilities listed below and discuss them with your proctor before submitting the Proctor Information form to EO. Your proctor must be willing and able to do the following:
  • Administer open- or closed-book/notes, timed or take-home exams
  • Download and print PDF file exams from the secure EO Portal
  • Maintain exam files at a secure location
  • Provide a location to administer timed exams under their direct supervision and observation
  • Verify your identity by checking valid photo ID
  • Follow exam instructions and complete the proctor certification
  • Return a copy of each exam by fax or email to our office within 24 hours of exam completion
  • Retain the original exam until you receive a grade for the course
Proctors for students living outside of the United States:
See EO's International Proctor Map for proctors who have been pre-approved by EO.

Students living outside of the United States will be required to use approved testing centers as their proctors. A testing center is a university, business, or military department with the primary purpose of proctoring tests and exams under direct observation. Students are required to provide a name of a person who will be the primary contact at the testing center. EO reserves the right to require students to take exams at specific pre-approved testing centers in locations outside of the United States.
▼ Submitting Proctor Information to EO for Approval
After you have discussed the proctoring responsibilities with your proctor, you will need to provide us with his or her information. EO will send instructions for submitting this information with the Proctor Information form to your VandalMail address after you register. You will need to know the following information about your proctor:

  • Proctor's name (or contact person if located at a Testing Center)
  • Proctor's work title
  • Proctor's employer
  • Proctor's work email address
  • Proctor's work address
  • Proctor's daytime telephone and fax numbers

All proctors must have a professional/work email address. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, or similar email addresses will not be accepted.  Both the proctor's email address and the work address should correspond to a school or business, and a physical address should be given in addition to or instead of a PO Box number.

Once you have submitted the Proctor Information form, we will contact your proctor to verify his or her qualifications. Your proctor will not have access to your exams until he or she is approved by us.

You can review your proctor information after classes begin by selecting the "Your Information" icon from your course on the EO Portal.
▼ Suggested Proctors at UI Locations
If you live near Boise, Idaho Falls, or Moscow, Idaho, you are required to use the following proctors unless other arrangements are approved. These proctors have already been approved by our office. Please contact them to discuss their testing hours and fees before submitting your form.

University of Idaho Boise Engineering
322 E Front Street, Room 232
Boise ID 83702-7365
Contact: Denise Engebrecht,, (208) 364-6123

University of Idaho, Idaho Falls
1784 Science Center Drive, Suite 202
Idaho Falls ID 83402-1575
Contact: Debbie Caudle,, (208) 757-5454 

University of Idaho Counseling and Testing Center
Mary E. Forney Hall, Room 306 (formerly Continuing Education Building)
1210 Blake Ave
Moscow ID 83844-3140
Contact: University of Idaho Counseling and Testing Center,, (208) 885-5138