An Engineering Outreach Classroom

Course Delivery

Videos of recorded courses and course materials are available online. You will need to read through the following webpages to understand how the online sessions, homework and the exam processes work when enrolled in an Engineering Outreach delivered course:
  • The EO Portal and Online Sessions

    Course sessions are delivered to you online through the secure EO Portal. Find out about how to enhance your viewing experience and review the suggested viewing schedule for your course.

  • Homework

    Learn about the homework process for an EO-delivered course.

  • Proctor Approval and Exam Process

    You are required to find a qualified and verifiable proctor to administer your exams to protect you from allegations of academic dishonesty. Exams are provided electronically only to proctors.

  • Course Completion

    Read about what you can expect at the end of the semester, including the course completion deadline, return of graded materials, grades, transcripts, etc.