An Engineering Outreach Classroom

How EO Works

Engineering Outreach delivers online courses for 10 master’s degree programs and five certificate programs. EO provides access to degrees at a distance for degree-seeking or non-degree students interested in continuing their education. Courses are delivered in High Definition (HD). 

EO offers personalized academic support services with responsive staff committed to meeting the educational needs of our students. 

How Do I Get Started?

If you are interested in taking courses delivered by EO, you must first be admitted to the University of Idaho, either as a degree-seeking student or a non-degree student. Once you are admitted, you will register for courses during the registration period for that semester. 

We’ve made it easy for you to get started with an EO-delivered course. For the step-by-step process for beginning courses with us, see Get Started!

Correspondence from EO will be sent to your VandalMail account that is assigned when you are admitted to the university. For information about what is delivered to your VandalMail account and email confidentiality, see Internet and Email.

When Can I Access the Course?

You must pay your course fees in full or have established a payment plan by the first day of the semester before receiving access to the portal. Then, you will be able to access your online course sessions and other course materials through the password-protected EO Portal. You can view or download the sessions or establish an RSS Feed. You can view several selected course sessions on our Demo a Course Session Web page. 

What Is the Cost of Taking an EO-Delivered Course?

As an EO student, you pay a per credit fee. Nonresidents pay the same amount as Idaho residents. EO students are eligible for the same financial aid benefits as on-campus students. Non-degree students are not eligible. For more information, see Student Financial Aid.

For information on Military Benefits, see About Our Students.

The cost of textbooks, computer software and exam proctoring services (if charged) are not included in EO fees. You will also be responsible for buying textbooks or software required for your course.

University library services are available to EO students without additional fees, and online tutorials are provided on the library's website. For more information, see Textbooks and Software.

EO fees are determined by the Idaho State Board of Education and typically increase slightly each year when the part-time fee rate increases. Our program is one of the most affordable graduate engineering programs in the nation.

For current Engineering Outreach course fees, see Tuition and Fees.

How Are Online Courses Delivered?

In-class sessions are recorded by Engineering Outreach in a studio classroom on the University of Idaho campus and are simultaneously encoded in a high-resolution MP4 format for online delivery. Other course materials, including course handouts and graded materials, are also made available for you at the EO Portal.

We record the actual lectures given in class during the semester the course is offered on campus. Courses delivered to EO students during the same semester they are taught are referred to as “live” courses, but live interaction with the class is not possible. Courses recorded in a previous semester are called “pre-encoded” courses.

For more detailed information, see Course Delivery. Also, see Viewing Options for information regarding our internet requirements.

Course assignments and exams will have due dates set by your instructor. EO-delivered online courses are semester-based with specific start and completion dates. All coursework must be received by the course completion date.

How Does the Exam Process Work?

At the beginning of each semester, you will be asked to select a person to administer your exams who meets our exam proctor requirements. After verifying your proctor, we will make the exams accessible to your proctor electronically through the EO Portal. You will make an appointment to take each exam with your proctor. When you’ve completed the exam, your proctor will scan the exam and return it to us.

For more information, see Proctors and Exams.

EO course grades are accessible through VandalWeb after being posted by the instructor. All grades are recorded on your UI transcript without a notation that the course was received through distance delivery.