An Engineering Outreach Classroom

How an EO-Delivered Course Works

Engineering Outreach delivers online courses for 10 master’s degree programs, individual courses that can be applied or transferred to undergraduate programs, and five certificate programs. 

How Are Online Courses Delivered? 

Engineering Outreach records lectures in a studio classroom on the University of Idaho campus and produces videos in an MP4 format for online delivery. Other course materials, including course handouts and graded materials, are delivered through the EO Portal or the instructor's website.

For more detailed information, see The EO Portal and Viewing Options

How Does the Exam Process Work?

You will be asked to select a person to administer your exams who meets our exam proctor requirements each semester. After verifying your proctor, we will make the exams accessible to your proctor electronically through the EO Portal. You will make an appointment to take each exam with your proctor. When you’ve completed the exam, your proctor will scan the exam and return it to us.

 For more information, see Proctors and Exams.

Are EO-Delivered Courses Self-Paced?

EO-delivered online courses are semester-based with specific start and completion dates that correspond to University of Idaho semester dates. Course assignments and exams will have due dates set by your instructor.

What Is the Cost of Taking an EO-Delivered Course?

For current Engineering Outreach course fees, see Tuition and Fees.

How Do I Get Started?

We’ve made it easy for you to get started with an EO-delivered course. For the step-by-step process for beginning courses with us, see Get Started!