Student with Joe Vandal

Vandal Accounts

After receiving your admission letter, you are required to create a password for your NetID account.

Your NetID is identified in your admission letter. It is usually the first four letters of your last name followed by four numbers; for example: smit1234.

After you've activated your NetID and created a password, you will use your NetID and password to access various computer accounts, including VandalMail, the university's required email system used for all official UI correspondence, including email from Engineering Outreach and your instructors; VandalWeb, the interface to our student records system, which is used for registration and student accounts; and the EO Portal, which is used to access your EO courses.

All Engineering Outreach course sessions are delivered online through the EO Portal. Some, but not all, EO-delivered courses also have a BbLearn component. Below are the three different university websites that you will frequently use while enrolled in a course, followed by information regarding Joe Vandal:

▼ VandalMail
VandalMail is the University of Idaho's email system with an interface hosted by Microsoft's Outlook 365 application. You are required to use VandalMail. Official correspondence from instructors and various university offices including Engineering Outreach may be sent only to your VandalMail account. 
▼ VandalWeb
VandalWeb is the University of Idaho's personal information system. You can register for courses, review your student account charges, review financial aid, view your grades, and update your personal contact information in VandalWeb. If you change your contact information, please also notify the Engineering Outreach office by submitting a Student Update form.
▼ BbLearn
BbLearn is the university's online course management system. Some instructors use BbLearn to post course materials and grades, as well as provide access to online discussions. Many EO-delivered courses do not have a BbLearn component. To see if your course instructor uses BbLearn to supplement the EO Portal:
  • Refer to the course syllabus.
  • Visit the course website.
  • Watch the first few sessions in the EO Portal.
  • Email the professor directly.
▼ Who is Joe Vandal?

Joe Vandal is the University of Idaho’s official mascot. After a reporter for the university’s student newspaper referred to our basketball players as “Vandals” in 1917, the nickname stuck and became the official name for all athletic teams in 1921. 

The tradition for calling our mascot “Joe Vandal” began in the late 1950s when yell leader Bill Currie made an appearance in a Vandal mask designed and created by his mother, who worked in the art department.

Today, the Vandal name goes far beyond athletics. Our students buy books at the VandalStore, view their student information on VandalWeb and receive official UI email through VandalMail.

To learn more about our mascot, visit our Athletic Department's history of Joe Vandal.