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Want to know more about the Engineering Outreach (EO) program? As a prospective student, you can follow the links below to learn more:
  • How EO Works

    Learn how the program works, how courses are delivered, how the exam process works, the cost of taking EO-delivered courses, and link to a step-by-step process to start courses delivered through EO.

  • Demo a Course Session

    Want to see how the class lectures are delivered? Preview a session now by downloading or streaming the online class session through your internet browser.

  • Accreditation

    Learn more about the University of Idaho’s accreditation and the College of Engineering’s accredited programs.

  • About EO

    Read about EO’s goals and mission to provide quality programs to all types of students around the world.

  • About Our Students

    Discover what type of students typically take EO-delivered courses, and find information specifically for our corporate and military students.

  • View a Catalog

    Want to find out what courses we offer this semester? Take a look at our print catalog. You may download it or request a print version be sent to you.