Instructions for Students and Instructors (only):

Log in using your NetID username and password. If you are having problems logging in, review the Directions for Resetting Password web page. Access to the Portal begins the first day of the semester and ends one week after the last day of the semester. You can review the current semester dates and deadlines on the EO Calendar.

IMPORTANT REMINDER:  All University of Idaho students are required to check their VandalMail email accounts regularly. Official correspondence from University of Idaho administrative offices, from UI departments including Engineering Outreach, and from your instructor may be sent only to your VandalMail account.

Instructions for Proctors (only):

Log in using your email and EO-provided password. If you need assistance, contact EO by email or phone.
(Note that the instructions found at the link for the Directions for Resetting Passwords, (above), does not work for Proctors.)

  • Use a dark font, a black pen, or a dark pencil to complete your course assignments, so your answers are legible. All course assignments should be scanned and submitted directly to instructors as .pdf files. Do not send photos of your assignments because most photos are not legible when printed.