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Online Sessions

There are two different types of course sessions offered by Engineering Outreach:
  • Live Courses
    Live courses are taught during the current semester and are uploaded to the EO Portal approximately two hours after the lecture has been completed on campus. These courses are not synchronous, i.e., you won’t need to log in at a certain time to view the lectures. You can determine if your course is a live course by finding the “semester produced” date in the course listing.

  • Pre-Encoded Courses
    Pre-encoded courses were taught and recorded in a previous semester. You can determine if your course is a pre-encoded course by finding the “semester produced” date in the course listing. These courses will have half of the sessions posted on the first day of the semester. The other half of the sessions will be available after the 10th day of class during the fall and spring semesters, and after the third day of class during the summer semester, which is the last day to drop a course and receive a refund.

The EO Portal

After you have paid your course fees and the semester has begun, you will be able to log in to the EO Portal using your NetID username and password to view your course sessions and course materials. For more information about viewing your session, see Viewing Options. Inside the Portal, select your course. You will then see multiple icons that will link you to your sessions and course materials. Visit the EO Portal often, as your instructor may add course materials throughout the semester.

▼ Portal Menu Descriptions
Below are the icons you will see within your course menu inside the Portal:
Your Information
Verify your personal and proctor information here.
If you need to make changes, notify our office by submitting an update form.  
 Course Links
Links to the course syllabus, course website, BbLearn (if used), instructor's website, and the course schedule are listed here. If you have questions regarding the syllabus please contact the instructor. See the course viewing schedule link to assis you with maintaining steady progress during the semester.  
Access online sessions here. You will need a high-speed Internet connection to watch or download the video files. Visit the Online Sessions webpage to learn the differences between "live" and "pre-encoded" courses.  
Course handouts supplied by EO instructors will be posted here.
Handouts may also be available on the course website.  
Graded Materials
When EO receives graded materials, they will be posted here.
You will receive a notice sent to your VandalMail account when materials are posted. Contact your instructor regarding graded materials.  
Answer Sessions
If your course has an answer session, it will be posted here.
Look under the Course Links icon for the Course Schedule to determine when they will be posted.  
iTunes Podcast
If you wish to have your course sessions downloaded to an iTunes Podcast, click here.  
      RSS Feeds
Select this icon if you wish to have your course sessions automatically downloaded to a RSS Feed, as they become available.  
Report a Problem
Contact us if you are experiencing difficulties with viewing, downloading or missing sessions.  

Supplemental Course Websites

Some instructors use additional websites, such as BbLearn or a personal website, to provide supplementary course materials. These websites are listed under the course description and inside the Portal under the Course Links icon.

The login for BbLearn is your NetID username and password. If you don't see your course listed after you log in, your course most likely does not have a BbLearn component (most EO courses don't). If you think that your course has a BbLearn component and nothing is posted, contact the instructor directly.