Taking Exams

Almost every EO-delivered course has exams. You will not have access to these exams until we have received your academic integrity certification form (this applies to first-time students only, or when requested by EO) and you have identified and we have approved an examination proctor. Review the process for establishing a qualified and approved proctor for your course exams at Proctor Selection and Approval.

Electronic Exam Delivery

We will deliver PDF versions of your course exams electronically to your verified proctor. Your instructor may also chose to send one or more exams directly to you using email or BbLearn. EO will send email notifications to your VandalMail and to your proctor’s email when the exams are posted in the EO Portal. Individual exams for live courses will become available after they occur on campus. Exams for pre-encoded courses will be available after the first week of the semester. To see when pre-encoded exams will occur during the semester, visit Course Schedules

Completing an Exam

You will need to schedule a day and time to take each exam with your proctor. Instructors may set a deadline for each exam — refer to the course syllabus or the course sessions for more information about exam deadlines for your course. If the deadlines are unclear, contact your instructor directly.
  • Use black ink or dark pencil when completing exams, so your answers are legible.
  • After completing the exam, your proctor is required to send the exam by email or fax within 24 hours of you taking the exam. Our office will send a notice to your VandalMail when the exam is received from your proctor. You are not allowed to retain a copy of the completed exam, but we do require proctors to keep the original copies until the end of the semester.
  • Occasionally, instructors may send exams directly to you via email or BbLearn (if BbLearn is used for your course), with instructions on how to take and return the exam. 

Center for Disability Access and Resources
Reasonable accommodations are available for students who have a documented disability. Please contact the Center for Disability Access and Resources (CDAR) prior to the start of each semester to discuss your accommodation request, at (208) 885-6307 or by email. All accommodations must be certified (or re-certified) and arranged by CDAR each semester. View additional information at the CDAR website.

Graded Exams

We will post all graded exams received from instructors as a PDF file under the Graded Materials icon in the Portal, and then send an email notification to your VandalMail account to let you know when they are posted. Some instructors will return graded exams directly to you — these will not show up in the portal. All original graded materials received by EO will be returned to you by USPS First Class mail after grades have been posted for the semester. Remember to update your address with our office by using our Student Update form, if needed.

Academic Integrity

Engineering Outreach students and faculty are responsible for maintaining academic integrity as defined by the University of Idaho's Student Code of Conduct. Students are expected to know the instructor's expectations for each course and refrain from academic dishonesty. See Academic Integrity for more information.