Engineering Students with the Dean

Course Completion

When finishing your course, you will need to be aware of the following:

Updating Your Contact Information

If your contact information (address, phone number, personal email address) changes during the semester, please update your information using VandalWeb and notify us using our Student Update form.

Course Completion Deadline

All exams, including the final exam (if any), must be received in the EO office by the course completion deadline (view this deadline on the EO Calendar), unless you’ve made an arrangement for a grade of Incomplete with your instructor. You may continue to access your course materials in the EO Portal for a period of one week after the semester end date. You will need to download all course materials, including course sessions, handouts and graded materials before the portal closes each semester. 

Actions After the Deadline

▼ Incompletes
It is important that you stay in contact with your instructor regularly throughout the semester regarding due dates and coursework. If extenuating circumstances make it impossible for you to complete your coursework on time, you may be eligible for a grade of “I” (incomplete). Both you and your instructor must agree upon the incomplete and the deadline for submitting work. However, the instructor can deny you a grade of incomplete. The “I” grade will remain a part of your permanent grade for the course (i.e. "I/A"). To request an incomplete, contact your course instructor before the end of the semester.

UI's Policy on Incompletes
A grade of “incomplete” is assigned only when the student has been in attendance and has done passing work up to a time within three weeks of the close of the semester (or within one week of the close of summer session). It may be assigned only upon agreement of the student and course instructor when extenuating circumstances make it impossible for the student to complete course requirements on time.

Refer to the General Requirements and Academic Procedures, Part 3, Regulation F of the General Catalog for complete regulation regarding incomplete grades.
▼ Academic Appeals
You may file an academic petition if you miss the deadline for registering, changing your registration status, or withdrawing. You may file an administrative petition if you would like to ask for a refund of course fees after the last day for a refund. See the University’s policy regarding all petitions at the section for Academic Appeals in the current University of Idaho Catalog. Contact us for help filing an academic or administrative petition.

After the Semester Ends

▼ Returning Graded Materials
We will post all graded materials we receive from your instructor throughout the semester in the EO Portal. If you have any questions regarding graded assignments for your course, contact your instructor directly.

We will ship all materials received throughout the semester to you by USPS priority mail at the end of the semester. If you move during the semester, remember to update your address with us using our Student Update form.
▼ Final Grades and Transcripts
The University of Idaho does not mail grade letters. Final course grades are posted on VandalWeb under the Registration Menu tab. Any questions about your final course grade should be directed to your instructor.

You can access an unofficial transcript in VandalWeb. However, if you would like to receive an official transcript, you must complete the request form with the university’s Registrar’s Office.