Secure and Dependable Computing Systems

This academic certificate is offered by the Department of Computer Science. After completing this certificate, students will have a solid understanding of practical topics in network security; policy and mechanism, malicious code; intrusion detection, prevention, response; cryptographic techniques for privacy and integrity; emphasis on tradeoffs between risk of misuse, cost of prevention, and societal issues; concepts implemented in programming assignments; advanced topics in design and analysis of network, database, and operating system security; current trends and research in mandatory and discretionary security policies.

Certificate Coordinator: James Alves-Foss, Ph.D.

All students must contact the certificate coordinator to discuss background qualifications prior to starting the certificate. The certificate coordinator is a faculty member who will advise you before you declare for the certificate and while you are taking courses. 

Course Selection

This academic certificate consists of 18 credits selected from the courses listed below and approved by the certificate coordinator.

Required Courses (6 credits)
CS 536 Advanced Information Assurance Concepts 3
CS 538
Network Security
CS 547
Computer and Network Forensics
Electives (9 credits)
CS 504
Special Topics (as approved by the certificate coordinator)
CS 539
Applied Security Concepts
CS 544
Control and Crit Infra Systems
ECE 544
Supervisory Control and Critical Infrastructure Systems
CS 548
Survivable Systems and Networks
CS 549
Fault/Tolerant Systems
CS 569
Resilient Control of Critical Infrastructure

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