Student Studying

Other Study Options

You can take courses through Engineering Outreach without applying to a master’s degree program. UI undergraduate students and non-degree students may also register for EO-delivered courses. If you are interested in taking courses for professional development, transfer credits or for background study, you may apply as a non-degree student.
  • UI or Transfer Credit
    You can take an EO-delivered course to help meet your degree requirements at the University of Idaho or at another institution. If you are a student from a different university, check with your university to see if they will accept the U-Idaho course for transfer credit before you register. After the semester ends, you will need to request a transcript from the U-Idaho Registrar to be sent to your university.

  • Professional Education
    If you are a working professional, you can take courses for continuing education purposes or to fulfill licensing requirements.

  • Background Study
    EO-delivered courses may be used to remove academic deficiencies. Background study courses are also available in selected engineering disciplines for students who are preparing for graduate school but don’t have an engineering bachelor’s degree in that discipline.