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Before you can enroll in an Engineering Outreach delivered course, you must first be admitted to the University of Idaho.

How do I get admitted?

Select the admission option below that best describes your situation. For a more detailed list of admission requirements and to learn more about the steps needed to complete your application, visit the Office of Admissions.

▼ Graduate Admission For students pursuing a master's degree
To apply for graduate admission you will need to work closely with Graduate Admissions to submit all of the required application material. Once all of your application materials have been received, Graduate Admissions will forward your file to the academic department for further evaluation.

Application priority deadlines:
  • February 1 (fall semester admission)
  • September 1 (spring semester admission)
Applications received after the deadline but before the official start of the semester for which you are applying will be accepted only if additional students can be accommodated. If admission is not granted prior to the registration deadline, you may apply for non-degree admission while your graduate application is in process (see below).

Visit Graduate Admissions for the following information and to apply now:
  • admission requirements
  • application deadlines for each department (may vary from those listed above)
  • application forms (online and paper)
  • examples of required supporting documents
  • graduate admission FAQs
▼ Undergraduate Admission For students seeking a bachelor's degree at the University of Idaho
Engineering Outreach delivers a wide variety of undergraduate courses, but it is not possible to earn a bachelor's degree completely online through our program. If you take courses on campus you may register for EO-delivered courses (typically section 10); however, there are additional fees associated with the course.
▼ Non-Degree Admission For students who aren't pursuing a degree from the University of Idaho
Consider applying as a non-degree student if any of the following apply to you:
  • You want to pursue studies for personal or professional advancement.
  • You have applied for graduate admission and want to meet the registration deadline while graduate admission is in process.
  • You need to obtain prerequisites prior to graduate admission.
  • You want to earn credits to transfer to another institution.
  • You want to earn an academic certificate and not work toward a degree at this time.
With academic departmental approval, up to 12 credits earned as a non-degree student may be applied toward a master's degree at the University of Idaho if graduate admission is granted at a later date.

The combined total of transfer credits, correspondence credits, non-degree credits, credits moved from an undergraduate transcript that were not used toward an undergraduate degree, and approved credits more than eight years old at the time the degree is awarded shall not exceed 12 credits for master's programs designated as requiring 36 or fewer credits. View the UI catalog for the complete policy about use of non-degree credits.

We recommend working closely with an academic adviser during this process.

Learn more about admission requirements for non-degree students.

Applications for non-degree admission are typically processed within one week of receipt by the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Transcripts are not needed for non-degree admission. For additional information about non-degree admission requirements before your register, read the university policy below.

University of Idaho General Catalog, General Requirements and Academic Procedures D-2-c
A non-degree student may register for no more than seven credits each semester and may complete a maximum of 32 semester credits. Upon completion of 32 semester credits, the student must either be admitted as a degree seeking student at the University of Idaho or submit a letter of appeal to continue as a non-degree student. Permission of the instructor is required to enroll in courses numbered 500600.
▼ International/Non-U.S. Citizen Admission
If you are an international student, you may have additional admission requirements, including the following:
  • TOEFL scores or equivalent
  • verification of current visa status (if living in the United States)
  • a copy of passport (graduate admission applicants only)

Learn more about admission requirements for international students.