VandalWeb Registration Directions

Step 1: Obtain the CRNs and Obtain Permissions for your Desired Course(s)

Course registration numbers (CRNs), prerequisites, and permission requirements are included in the course descriptions on the EO website (see example below). All are required to successfully register. In addition, all non-degree and undergraduate students must have permission from the instructor and the College of Graduate Studies to register in 500 level courses. For instructions on how to obtain permission and remove holds, visit Academic Advising and Permissions.

Step 2: Login to VandalWeb

Login to VandalWeb using your NetID (the first four letters of your last name plus four numbers, for example, smit1234) and password. For login information or instructions on setting up your NetID username and password, visit Vandal Setup. Users needing assistance with their login should contact the ITS Help Desk.

Step 3: Verify your Contact Information on VandalWeb for Accuracy

  1. Select the Personal Information tab.
  2. Select View Address(es) and Phone(s).
  3. If any are incorrect, select Update Address(es) and Phone(s) and make changes to your information.
  4. If you are receiving financial aid, confirm your direct deposit information in VandalWeb: Select the Student tab then Student Accounts, and then select Direct Deposit Information.
Incorrect contact information can delay your access to the EO Portal or prevent the delivery of important information from EO and other UI offices.

Step 4: Check Registration Status

  1. Select the Students tab.
  2. Select Registration.
  3. Select Check Registration Status.
  4. Select semester from drop-down list and click Submit button.
Displayed will be your registration time, holds on your account, current curriculum, academic standing, and your assigned adviser.

Registration deadlines take place each semester. This deadline will prevent registration on VandalWeb.

Step 5: Register, Add, or Waitlist

  1. Select the Students tab.
  2. Select Registration.
  3. Check Registration Status. 
  4. Select Add/Drop Classes.
  5. Select the semester from drop-down list and click Submit.
  6. You may encounter a page that requests Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP) information. You may skip this request and continue on to the Add/Drop page. Most students who only take EO courses are not billed for health insurance. We will contact you with information on how to waive insurance fees, if applicable.
  7. Enter the CRN(s) in the Add Classes Worksheet. CRN is a five-digit identification number found on the Class Schedule; each section has a specific CRN. The CRNs for courses offered through EO are also available from the EO Course descriptions.
  8. Select Submit Changes button.
  9. Your classes will be noted as "Web Registered" if you are successful.

A *Registration Error* will appear if you encounter any difficulties. Download the registration instructions handout for more information on registration errors. If you receive a message error for holds, please review Academic Advising and Permissions. If you receive another error message, please contact us for assistance by completing EO’s Registration Help form.

If the class is full and an error message indicating "WAIT LIST" is available, you can add yourself to the wait list. Select Wait List using the drop-down list in the Action Column. Click Submit Changes button again. See more information about how wait list works.

If you are taking your first EO-delivered course, you must submit EO's Academic Integrity Certification form to by the first day of the semester.  EO will not distribute your exams to your examination proctor until we have received this form. See EO's policy on the Registration page.


Students may also view and order the books needed for their classes by selecting the Textbook Express option under the Students tab then Registration.

Drop or Withdraw

  1. Select the Students tab.
  2. Select Registration.
  3. Select Add/Drop Classes.
  4. Select semester from the drop-down list and click Submit button.
  5. Select DROP or WEB WITHDRAW option using drop-down list under Action column.
  6. Click Submit Changes Button.