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Internet and Email

Internet Policy

You will need a high-speed internet connection to view or download your course sessions online. For information about viewing your EO course, visit Online Sessions.

Email Policy

You will be required to use the University of Idaho email system, called VandalMail, where all official correspondence from instructors and various university offices will be sent. We will send important messages to your VandalMail when sessions are cancelled, exams are ready or when graded assignments are posted. For more information about VandalMail, visit Vandal Accounts.

Confidential Information Policy

The University of Idaho considers email addresses “directory information,” meaning this information can be disclosed to anyone and is not protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), unless you specifically request it be kept confidential. If you would like your directory information to be kept confidential you must submit the Confidentiality Request form to the registrar’s office. If you submit this form after registration, please inform EO by contacting our Enrollment Services Specialist at 800-824-2889 (press 2).

FERPA allows one exception to the policy stated above. If requested by the instructor, your name and email address will be disclosed to other students in your course as part of a class roster, regardless of your confidentiality status. By enrolling in a course, you forfeit your right to a confidential email address in this circumstance, only.

Delivery to Military Students

If you are viewing your EO-delivered courses using a military computer or have any security concerns, please contact the Associate Director to discuss delivery alternatives.