Students Walking On Campus

About Our Students

Approximately 300 students take EO-delivered courses each fall and spring semester (fewer during the summer semester):
  • Over 60 percent of the students enrolled are actively pursuing graduate degree programs.
  • Over 20 percent are non-degree students taking one or more courses for academic certificates, transfer credits or to prepare for a graduate program.
  • Approximately 15 percent are UI undergraduate students who are taking courses while away from campus or because they cannot take the course when it is scheduled on campus.

About 50 percent of the students are located in Idaho; 45 percent are in other U.S. locations, while the remaining four percent live outside of the U.S.

Class sizes vary but average about five EO students per course section. Some programs, like electrical and computer engineering or engineering management may have sections with 20 or more EO students, while others, like geological engineering or statistical sciences may have fewer than five EO students per section. Regardless of your class size, you will receive timely responses to your questions from your instructor throughout the semester.

▼ Information for Corporate Students
Many students enrolled in EO-delivered online courses also work at businesses and corporations located throughout the world. Although you have specific deadlines for assignments and exams set by your instructor, you will have flexibility in when you view your course sessions and should be able to continue viewing your course while traveling for business, as long as you have access to a high-speed internet connection.

Tuition Benefits

We accept tuition vouchers from your company for your course fees. When we receive a tuition voucher, we will transfer your fees to an account set up for your company and will invoice your company after the last day to drop with a 100 percent refund of course fees. However, all fees remain your responsibility until they are paid in full. If we do not receive payment after sending the invoice, your fees will be transferred back to your student account for payment by you. For more fee information, see our Tuition and Fees page.

Company Firewalls

Many companies have firewalls to safeguard their intellectual property. If you are considering viewing your course sessions at work, check with your company before doing so. You may need to download or view your sessions at home. For more information about course viewing, see Viewing Options.

Exam Proctoring

You may use a training professional from your company for your exam proctor. For more information about our proctor requirements, see our Proctors and Exams page.

▼ Information for Military Students
University of Idaho programs are approved by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and you may use tuition assistance to help pay for your Engineering Outreach course fees.

The University of Idaho’s Veterans Assistance Office assists active duty personnel, veterans, dependents, reservists and national guardsmen who are eligible for educational benefits through the VA. If you wish to receive veterans benefits for your education, you must apply for these benefits, and should contact the university's veterans adviser, at least six weeks before the beginning of each semester.

University of Idaho Veterans Assistance
Veterans Adviser: Scott Oplinger (
Local Phone: 208-885-7989
Toll-free: 800-824-2889, press 0, ask to be transferred

Tuition Benefits

If you are on active duty, contact your base education offices about the possibility of receiving tuition assistance to cover some of your course fees. Tuition assistance forms must be approved and submitted through your military branch's educational portal, or may be sent directly to UI's Student Accounts office at You are responsible for all fees not covered by tuition assistance. Payment for your portion of the fees is due by the first day of the semester.

Exam Proctoring

Most military base education offices provide exam proctoring services to students in distance learning programs. They usually have a set schedule for times available for testing, and students make appointments to take each exam. Be sure to review EO’s proctor information before registering for a course.

Course Delivery Security Concerns

If you are viewing your EO courses using a military computer or have any security concerns regarding EO course online delivery, please contact Terri Gaffney, our associate director, to discuss delivery alternatives.