EO Registration Information

Engineering Outreach Fees

  • Part-time, off-campus students registering for EO course delivery pay a per-credit EO fee. This fee is the same for both residents of Idaho and nonresidents.
  • Full-time, on-campus students pay $263 per-credit hour for EO-delivered courses in addition to their full-time, on-campus fees.

Getting Started

  • For information about how to start an EO-delivered course, see Get Started.


Arranging a Proctor

  • Before the first day of class, make arrangements with someone in your community to administer your exams. If you live near a UI campus, your proctor can be a departmental assistant, an instructor or someone at the University of Idaho Counseling & Testing Center. See Finding a Proctor for more information regarding proctors and their responsibilities.
  • Submit your proctor's information to EO using our Proctor Information form.


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