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Courses delivered by EO are recorded in University of Idaho studio classrooms and are encoded for online delivery by EO. Engineering Outreach delivers courses every fall, spring and summer semester. Fall and spring semesters are 16 weeks long, and the summer semester is eight weeks long. EO courses follow the same deadlines as on-campus courses, which can be found on the EO Calendar.

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Engineering Outreach Spring 2019 Courses

Course NumberCourse TitleInstructorCredits
CE 431Design of Water and Wastewater Systems IErik Coats3
CE 441Reinforced Concrete DesignAhmed Ibrahim3
CE 484Engineering Law and ContractsErik Coats3
CE 510Advanced Mechanics of MaterialsEdwin Odom3
CE 511Design of Water and Wastewater Systems IErik Coats3
CE 521Sedimentation EngineeringElowyn Yager3
CE 546Finite Element AnalysisRichard Nielsen3
CE 563Seepage and Slope StabilitySunil Sharma3
CE 575Advanced Pavement Design and AnalysisFouad Bayomy3
CE 577Pavement Preservation and ManagementEmad Kassem3