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After you receive your admission letter and activate your Vandal Accounts, you can proceed with registering for courses. We encourage you to register early, especially for graduate-level courses that are scheduled for production during the current semester. Some courses have enrollment caps, and all courses are subject to cancellation if there are insufficient enrollments.

Registering for courses creates a financial obligation to the University of Idaho. If there is any doubt about a course meeting your needs, contact the instructor prior to registering. If you change your mind after registering, contact EO immediately for information about dropping courses. For a step-by-step process on how to register through VandalWeb or remove any holds from your account prior to registering, read the VandalWeb Registration Directions.

Academic Integrity Certification Form
Students taking EO-delivered courses for the first time, or anytime when requested by EO, must submit EO's Academic Integrity Certification form before they will be given access to EO course exams. This form is downloadable online and should be submitted to by the first day of the semester. Course exams will not be distributed to the student's examination proctor until EO receives the form.
If you have already registered and would like to add or drop a class or change your course registration status, see Drops, Adds, and Course Status Changes.