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Courses delivered by EO are recorded in University of Idaho studio classrooms and are encoded for online delivery by EO. Engineering Outreach delivers courses every fall, spring and summer semester. Fall and spring semesters are 16 weeks long, and the summer semester is eight weeks long. EO courses follow the same deadlines as on-campus courses, which can be found on the EO Calendar.

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Engineering Outreach Spring 2019 Courses

Course NumberCourse TitleInstructorCredits
CE 431Design of Water and Wastewater Systems IErik Coats3
CE 441Reinforced Concrete DesignAhmed Ibrahim3
CE 484Engineering Law and ContractsErik Coats3
CE 510Advanced Mechanics of MaterialsEdwin Odom3
CE 511Design of Water and Wastewater Systems IErik Coats3
CE 521Sedimentation EngineeringElowyn Yager3
CE 546Finite Element AnalysisRichard Nielsen3
CE 563Seepage and Slope StabilitySunil Sharma3
CE 575Advanced Pavement Design and AnalysisFouad Bayomy3
CE 577Pavement Preservation and ManagementEmad Kassem3
CS 445Compiler DesignClinton Jeffery4
CS 449Fault-Tolerant SystemsAxel Krings3
CS 475Machine LearningRobert Heckendorn3
CS 549Fault-Tolerant SystemsAxel Krings3
CS 575Machine LearningRobert Heckendorn3
ECE 210Electrical Circuits IFeng Li3
ECE 211Electrical Circuits I Lab Feng Li1
ECE 212Electrical Circuits IIFeng Li3
ECE 213Electrical Circuits II Lab Feng Li1
ECE 310Microelectronics IVishal Saxena3
ECE 349Background Study in Digital LogicJames Frenzel3
ECE 404-CEST: Computational ElectromagneticsAta Zadehgol3
ECE 404-PLST: PLL and High-Speed Link DesignVishal Saxena3
ECE 410Microelectronics IISuat Ay3
ECE 420Energy Systems IIYacine Chakhchoukh3
ECE 422Power Systems AnalysisYacine Chakhchoukh3
ECE 427Power ElectronicsHerbert Hess3
ECE 430Microwave and Millimeter Wave CircuitsAta Zadehgol3
ECE 445Introduction to VLSI DesignVishal Saxena3
ECE 449Fault-Tolerant SystemsAxel Krings3
ECE 452Communication SystemsZouheir Rezki3
ECE 462Semiconductor TheoryDennis Sullivan3
ECE 465Introduction to Microelectronics FabricationFeng Li3
ECE 504-CEST: Computational ElectromagneticsAta Zadehgol3
ECE 504-PLST: PLL and High-Speed Link DesignVishal Saxena3
ECE 521Power System StabilityDakota Roberson3
ECE 526Protection of Power Systems IIHangtian Lei3
ECE 529Utility Applications of Power ElectronicsBrian Johnson3
ECE 562Semiconductor TheoryDennis Sullivan3
ECE 565Introduction to Microelectronics FabricationFeng Li3
ECE 579Engineering AcousticsMichael Anderson3
EM 510Engineering and Technology Management FundamentalsSandy Lieske3
EM 582Advanced Topics in Project ManagementSandy Lieske3
ENGR 428Numerical MethodsLyudmyla Barannyk3
GEOE 407Rock MechanicsS.J. Jung3
GEOE 535Seepage and Slope StabilitySunil Sharma3
MATH 123Mathematics Applied to the Modern WorldCynthia Piez3
MATH 160Survey of CalculusCynthia Piez4
MATH 170Analytic Geometry and Calculus ICynthia Piez4
MATH 175Analytic Geometry and Calculus IICynthia Piez4
MATH 176Discrete MathematicsStefan Tohaneanu3
MATH 215Proof via Number TheoryJennifer Johnson-Leung3
MATH 275Analytic Geometry and Calculus IIILyudmyla Barannyk3
MATH 310Ordinary Differential EquationsLyudmyla Barannyk3
MATH 330Linear AlgebraJennifer Johnson-Leung3
MATH 386Theory of NumbersJennifer Johnson-Leung3
MATH 388History of MathematicsRobert Ely3
MATH 390Axiomatic GeometryMark Nielsen3
MATH 420Complex VariablesSomantika Datta3
MATH 426Discrete OptimizationMark Nielsen3
MATH 428Numerical MethodsLyudmyla Barannyk3
MATH 430Advanced Linear AlgebraSomantika Datta3
MATH 451Probability TheoryChristopher Remien3
MATH 452Mathematical StatisticsBrian Dennis3
MATH 461Abstract Algebra IHirotachi Abo3
MATH 462Abstract Algebra IIHirotachi Abo3
MATH 471Introduction to Analysis ISomantika Datta3
MATH 472Introduction to Analysis IISomantika Datta3
MATH 480Partial Differential EquationsLyudmyla Barannyk3
MATH 504-ANST: Algebraic Number TheoryJennifer Johnson-Leung3
MATH 521Topology IHirotachi Abo3
MATH 528Differentiable ManifoldsHirotachi Abo3
MATH 529Numerical MethodsLyudmyla Barannyk3
MATH 557Ring TheoryJennifer Johnson-Leung3
ME 412Gas DynamicsJohn Crepeau3
ME 413Engineering AcousticsMichael Anderson3
ME 414HVAC SystemsRalph Budwig3
ME 450Computational Fluid DynamicsTao Xing3
ME 458Finite Element Applications in EngineeringGabriel Potirniche3
ME 472Mechanical VibrationsMichael Anderson3
ME 513Engineering AcousticsMichael Anderson3
ME 514HVAC SystemsRalph Budwig3
ME 539Advanced Mechanics of MaterialsEdwin Odom3
ME 540Continuum MechanicsGabriel Potirniche3
ME 549Finite Element AnalysisRichard Nielsen3
ME 550Computational Fluid DynamicsTao Xing3
ME 558Finite Element Applications in EngineeringGabriel Potirniche3
MHR 513Leadership and Organizational BehaviorBarry Willis3
MTHE 513Problem Solving Through HistoryCynthia Piez3
MTHE 516Groups and SymmetryMark Nielsen3
OM 456Quality ManagementScott Metlen3
STAT 251Statistical MethodsStephen Lee3
STAT 301Probability and StatisticsStephen Lee3
STAT 419Intro to SAS/R ProgrammingRenae Shrum3
STAT 422Sample Survey MethodsRenae Shrum3
STAT 431Statistical AnalysisChristopher Williams3
STAT 451Probability TheoryChristopher Remien3
STAT 452Mathematical StatisticsBrian Dennis3
STAT 456Quality ManagementScott Metlen3
STAT 519Multivariate AnalysisStephen Lee3
STAT 550Regression Christopher Williams3
STAT 555Statistical EcologyBrian Dennis3
STAT 565Computer Intensive StatisticsErkan Buzbas3
TM 504-LCST: Leadership and Conflict ManagementBrent Bean3
TM 510Engineering and Technology Management FundamentalsLee Ostrom3
WLF 555Statistical EcologyBrian Dennis3