University of Idaho Library

Tuition and Fees

EO-delivered courses carry a per-credit production fee that helps cover the cost of production and delivery. Nonresidents pay the same amount as Idaho residents for EO-delivered courses. The cost of textbooks, computer software and proctoring services (if charged) are not included in EO fees:

Fall 2014Summer 2015 Engineering Outreach Fees*  
Course Level
UI Undergraduate/Nondegree Admission
UI Graduate Admission
Courses numbered 100499
$602.00 per credit
$701.00 per credit
Courses numbered 500599
$663.00 per credit
$701.00 per credit
*Fees are subject to change by the Board of Regents of the University of Idaho.

Tuition and fees for credits and courses that are not delivered by EO do not include the per-credit production fee mentioned above. These credits and courses include thesis, research, and dissertation credits, courses attended on-campus, directed study and capstone courses, and internships.

Beginning Fall 2014, all credits and courses not delivered by EO will include a per-credit non-resident fee for students who are not Idaho residents during the Fall and Spring semesters, and may include additional special lab or course fees. Non-resident fees are not charged to students during Summer semesters. Visit the Student Accounts website for current tuition and fee amounts for these courses.

Payment in full is expected prior to the first day of the semester to avoid late fees. To learn about the different payment options, visit Payment Options. You will not be dropped from your course(s), nor is your registration canceled if payment is not received. You are responsible for notifying Engineering Outreach if you decide to drop a course or withdraw from the university. You are also responsible for any non-refunded portion of the fees, including late fees. For semester dates and deadlines, visit the EO Calendar.

Late Fee Policy
A $75 late fee begins on the second day of the semester if a student’s account is not paid in full or the student has not signed up for a payment plan. An additional $100 late fee begins on the 11th day of classes for students whose account balances are not paid in full. Students who have not paid their balances in full by the last day of each month will be charged an additional $100.